Fundraising Consultancy

We support companies seeking to raise funds, especially in sectors of Innovation and Design, Medical devices, Transport and logistics. Our UK, US and China based business partners have a broad range of experience across a range of verticals.


Our scale, reach and local knowledge is focused on supporting clients wherever they need us. We pride ourselves in delivering the best end results for our clients.

Types of Funding

Private Investment

It has never been an easy task to raise investment for companies in their infancy in the UK. However, with our in-house team of business development expertise and right local resources, we have successfully introduced multi-million pounds worth investment to innovative start-ups and SMEs across various business sectors.

Corporate Finance

Our dedicated advisors are right alongside you to provide assistance and advice on raising finance, making an acquisition or selling your business.

What we do:

  • M&A - management, financing and strategy involved with buying, selling and combining companies.

  • Equity Advice - capital raising for amounts between £2 and £20 million and strategic investment advice.

  • Debt Advice - arrange financing to support growth and/or extend or refinance existing corporate and leveraged loan facilities.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain financing (reverse factoring) is a financing method initiated by the ordering party (the buyer) in order to help its suppliers to finance its receivables. Unlike traditional factoring, where a supplier (a seller) wants to finance its receivables, Supply chain financing is simpler and at a lower interest rate than what would normally be offered.


  • Works for large companies as well as SMEs in a variety of sectors, e.g., manufacturing, retail and more.
  • Cost of finance is substantially lower than factoring or other traditional financing solutions.
  • The amount financed could be 100% of invoice less a small fee or discount.
  • Reverse factoring can be raised and shared by the buyer, capital markets and financial institutions.